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Sweet! America’s top 10 brands of soda

If you were to recreate this Top 10, how would your list look? According to NBC News, it was the biggest victory in the Cola Wars since Michael J. Fox picked up his first can of Pepsi: Diet Coke last…

By Marianna - May 14, 2018


Creating your own cryptocurrency? Here’s what you need to know

  Ever wonder about creating your own cryptocurrency? It definitely is possible and the article from CNBC will tell you more.   Bitcoin may have plunged from its eye-popping price, but demand is high for cryptocurrencies. A quick search on…

By Marianna - May 10, 2018


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Fortnite celebrates its first birthday with mini-games, cake, and more

Picture: Polygon Fortnite is now 1 year old! According to The Verge, has it really only been a year since bubblegum battle royale took over the world? To commemorate the occasion, developer Epic Games has launched a Fortnite patch that…

By Marianna - Jul 24, 2018

Fun Facts

Aaron Rodgers would ‘love to play to 40’ for Packers

I think Packers' fans would love to see Aaron Rodgers play another 5 years. According to, Aaron Rodgers turns 35 in December, his 14th NFL season. If the Green Bay Packers quarterback has his way, he'd play five more seasons…

By Marianna - Jul 16, 2018

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Roku Unveils $200 wireless speakers made for Roku TV

Picture: Tech Crunch Are you purchasing these new Roku speakers? According to Tech Crunch, Roku is getting into the speaker business with today’s announcement of Roku TV Wireless Speakers. Mark Ely, the company’s vice president of product management, said Roku is…

By Marianna - Jul 16, 2018

Fun Facts

Fortnite Season 5 patch v5.0 change list

Picture: Daily Express If you are a big Fortnite fan. Here are some updates you need to read about! According to Polygon, Fortnite Season 5 is here and there’s no doubt that this is Epic’s biggest patch in the game’s…

By Marianna - Jul 12, 2018

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WTF: Girl takes a hit off a vape and blows it out of her ears

By Marianna - May 30, 2018

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By Marianna - May 25, 2018

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By Marianna - May 3, 2018

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