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Fall in Love with These 3 Vape Flavors


When you fall in love, you can feel it. Your heart flutters, you stammer a bit, and you cannot wipe that cheesy smile off your face.

That’s how we feel about these three e-juice flavors.

In true Your Vaporhood style, we’re sharing the love and not keeping it secret! Here are the three e-juice vape flavors that stole our hearts.

3 Vape Flavors We Love

  1. Lemon Cake
    With lemon zest, lemon cake, AND lemon meringue, Lemon Cake by Richard’s Hemp Health is literally a slice of heaven. This unique e-juice combines dessert flavoring with all-natural hemp extract to create something that tastes incredible. It also boasts numerous health benefits! 
  2. Caramel Affogato
    Vaping your morning coffee is finally possible, thanks to Caramel Affogato by French Press. This e-juice is the same as indulging in a rich and creamy, perfectly-frothy coffee frappe – without the calories. They didn’t forget the drizzle of caramel on top, either! 
  3. Lava Luau Salts
    Make those summer nights last, island style, with Lava Luau Salts by Fresh Pressed. This Hawaiian blend of watermelon, kiwi, and mixed berries are frozen over with a fresh, menthol breeze. Sorry, lei not included with purchase.

Your Vaporhood Insider Tip: Signing up for the JSDLiquids.com e-newsletter gets you 20% off your first online purchase. Awesome!

We know you’ll love these three flavors as much as we do! Happy vaping, neighbors!

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