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Avoiding the Dreaded Dry Hit

Vape Dry Hit

Taking a dry hit is an unfortunate rite-of-passage for inexperienced vapers. Any veteran vaper knows all too well the acrid taste and horrid feel of a dry hit. Dry hits often come out of nowhere: You could take one hit that is enjoyable and relaxing and then with the next hit you are overwhelmed by the tell-tale throat burn and nasty sour taste. Without taking the proper precautions, this is an inevitability. Luckily, there ways to help prevent dry hits from happening.

What is a Dry Hit?

A dry hit is what happens when there is not enough e-liquid to make vapor for a hit. This occurs when the coil or atomizer attempts to heat the nonexistent or insufficient e-liquid and instead dries out the wick assembly, creating a vapor that is more char than anything else. There are many likely reasons for this to happen.

The Possible Causes

Insufficient E-Liquid

This one seems like a no-brainer. Yet, you would be surprised by how often this is the culprit. A dry tank means that only the wick is being heated and subsequently dried out. Periodically check your tank levels and you should be fine.

Coil Gunking

Coil gunking is a natural occurrence over the lifespan of a vape and is simple to prevent. Coil gunking is caused by the coil wearing down from regular use. The heating of e-liquid through the coil also eventually leaves deposits in the wick, which prevents the wick from absorbing enough e-liquid. Regularly changing your wick every 2 weeks or so will eliminate the problem of coil gunking.

Airflow Control

Improper airflow control can cause the vape to pull in too much air and not enough liquid, drying out the wick. While airflow control is not available on all tanks, so you may not ever have to worry about this. If you do have airflow control, however, make sure that the valve is not completely open or else you are inevitably going to get a dry hit.

Voltage (Wattage) Settings

Voltage or wattage settings on a battery that are set too high cause the atomizer to heat up so quickly that there is insufficient time for the wick to draw in the e-liquid. Anytime the wick is too dry, you will always get a dry hit. Check your battery settings to make sure that they are not too high and you can avoid this issue.

The Take-Away

Dry hits are something to be avoided like the plague. While impossible to dodge completely, proper maintenance and inspection will help with this. Check your battery settings, tank level, wick condition, and airflow often for optimal protection against this nuisance.

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