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Your Guide to Blowing O’s

blowing o's

Everyone wants to blow O’s….

According to VaporVanity, The most popular trick, “blowing O’s” is just… well… Blowing “O”- shaped vapor “rings”. Within minutes of trying, without much practice, you’ll probably manage to blow your first “O”. Rejoice! You did it! Right?

Well, blowing one o-ring isn’t really that impressive. Some people did it when smoking analog cigarettes. And they produce wisps of smoke compared to the large volume of vapor produced with vaping gear. To really reach impressive levels, and after lots of practice, you’ll find yourself blowing streams of O’s, one right after the other. O’s flying all around you. By tweaking your approach you’ll also be able to change their size, creating larger or smaller ones. That’s when the trick really becomes impressive.

To pull it off, inhale as much vapor as you feel comfortable with – don’t overdo it, or the next step might fail: while keeping the vapor in your lungs, start pushing it out in your mouth, “collecting it” there. Make an O-like shape with your lips and then either try lightly coughing (not too much, like if you’re trying to gently get the attention of the person sitting next to you) repeatedly. While keeping your tongue inside your mouth but placed right in the middle of your, now O-shaped, lips. The logic being this is that your lips will form the roundish shape of the O-rings, your tongue will be the reason “they have a hole in the middle”. The micro-burst of air, coming from your lung, while coughing, will push the vapor out of your mouth. The first two or three bursts won’t look like O-rings but the more you try, the better they’ll get.

There are alternative techniques (like “flicking” the o-rings out of your mouth by using your tongue like a “slingshot”, moving it back and forth in your mouth “to push the vapor out”) but the “cough” method seems to be generally considered the easiest one.

Article courtesy of VaporVanity.

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