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How To Be A Dragon!


Ever wonder how to do The Dragon?

According to VaporVanity, “this trick can be one of the easiest or hardest ones to master, depending on your biology.” Yep, you’ve read that right. Unfortunately, all those people saying we’re all the same and there are no biological differences between us should be tied on a chair and forced to try doing this trick. You see, depending on the shape of your mouth, lips and teeth, and “the way they work”, the Dragon can be the easiest trick to pull off or practically impossible.

The trick’s gets its name from your appearance while trying it out – you, theoretically, look like the mythical lizard-beasts Daenerys Targaryen commands in Game of Thrones, flying around in Skyrim. A dragon. By inhaling as much vapor as you can and then forcefully pushing it out through both your nostrils and mouth, while you keep the center of your lips touching, you create four “bursts” of vapor. Two come downwards, from your nostrils, two fly sideways, from the edges of your mouth. It’s simple – you just have to do the opposite of whistling, while force-blowing all the vapor you inhaled as fast and as hard as you can.


Practically, as is my personal case, it might end up being an impossible feat. In my case, I can’t “simply” keep my mouth closed in the center but somewhat open to the sides. I could never “open wide” as much as the average person – much to my dentist’s vexation. It’s just the way my face’s muscles work.

Article courtesy of VaporVanity.

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