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SMOK’s New Voice-Activated “I-Priv”

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When it comes to function and design, SMOK is at the top of their game. Already well-known for their premium line of e-cigarette products, the China-based company never ceases to amaze consumers. Their new voice-activated I-Priv is no exception.

The I-Priv Mod

The new I-Priv mod combines sleek style with impressive voice-activated AI technology. With the ability to respond to 16 commands, including the “Hello I-Priv” wake-up command, the I-Priv mod lets you know that it understands you and is ready to go. While some of the responses to commands are straightforward, like following the command, “Lock Device” with the response, “Locked,” there are also some comical responses like asking you, “Are you serious?” when commanded to “Power off.” The voice-activated technology will allow the user to control power levels, wattage, TC mode, locking/unlocking the device, and lighting/color.

Along with the AI, the I-Priv mod has an eye-catching, dynamic interface. The HUD will display the mode in use, vaping effect, voltage, battery life, resistance, and much more. The HUD can be 6 different colors and has an adjustable screen time feature, which will turn off the display to save battery power after a set amount of time being idle. Speaking of batteries, the mod can fit 18650, 21700, or 20700 batteries and the dual battery life indicator informs you of the charge of each battery, so you will always know when to charge your I-Priv.

The mod itself is ~3.75”X2.2”X1.38” (95.5x56x35mm) and weighs ~6.7oz (188.6 g). The input voltage is 6.4V-8.4V and the output voltage is 0.5V-8.8V. The temperature control ranges between 200°F-600°F (100°C-315°C). The power output ranges between 1W-230W, allowing for precise control and a smoother vaping experience. As of now, the I-Priv is available in 8 different colors: black, red, prism gold, prism blue, prism chrome, green, purple, and prism rainbow.

SMOK did not skimp on device protection either. Featuring a 10-second cut-off and overheat protection, you do not have to worry about any damage that may occur from improper use. The mod itself has an intelligent atomizer recognition feature, which will adjust as needed per atomizer used. It even has a short circuit protection system.

The Kit

The I-Priv kit comes standard with the mod itself, the tank, a preinstalled strip coil, a mesh coil, battery adapter, a replacement glass tube, a USB charging cable, and some other spare parts. SMOK also has additional optional coils that each offer different vaping experiences.

The Take-Away

If you enjoy new technology and cool features, the I-Priv Kit is definitely something to keep an eye out for in the coming months. The listed ship date is set for early October of this year; still a bit far off but well worth the wait. SMOK’s new “Warrior” retails for ~$150, but some websites are offering discounts for pre-orders.

You can find more details about the I-Priv Kit on the official SMOK I-Priv Kit website.


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