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Vaping Tricks to Use at Parties or Social Gatherings

Have you ever seen people do crazy tricks when vaping and wondered how they do it? Here is a step-by-step guide on how to do some of the most impressive vaping tricks out there.

#1. Cloud Dragon Vaping Trick

This trick is incredibly easy to pull off. Simply take an incredibly long pull from your device without inhaling. After that, forcefully exhale through your nose and the corners of your mouth.

#2. Vapor Bubble

This one requires an empty toilet paper roll and some soapy water. Much like you did with a bubble wand as a kid, dip one end of the TP roll into the soapy water. Take a pretty reasonably sized pull from your device and exhale slowly into the roll. Release the bubble from the tube, popping it if you so desire.

#3. Ghost Inhale

One of the easiest vaping tricks. For this one, take an extended pull from your device and let the vapor sit in your mouth for a few seconds. Then, push all of the vapor out and as quickly as possible re-inhale the vapor. Voila. Easy-peasy.

#4. Cheerios (Smoke Rings)

A favorite trick for vapers. This trick requires some practice to perform. Take a long pull from your device, inhaling into your throat. Keep your tongue towards the back of your throat and as close to the bottom of your mouth as possible. Stick your lips out and make an “O” shape. Using your throat muscles, push a small amount of vapor out. Some people find that it helps to tap their cheek with their finger as well.

#5. Tornado Vaping Trick

This one ticks a lot of practice to perfect, but well worth it. As with the vape bubble, you need a toilet paper roll for this trick. First, inhale a very long pull from your device and then exhale through the TP roll onto the intended surface for the tornado. Next, straighten your fingers on your hand (like you would use for a karate chop) and slide your hand along the surface where the vapor is sitting (like you were cutting it in half). As you are sliding your hand along the surface, quickly pull it up. The result should be one or more vapor tornados.

#6. The French Inhale

This is probably one of the most difficult tricks to pull off correctly. First, take a good-sized pull from your device without inhaling. It is important to let the vapor sit in your mouth. Next, slightly open your mouth and extend your bottom jaw without exhaling. The vapor will naturally come out of from your extended jaw. At this point, inhale through your nose as the vapor flows from your mouth.

#7. The Atomic Bomb

Definitely the hardest trick on this list. The Atomic Bomb requires the ability to make on “O” (much like those done for the Cheerios trick). First, take a long pull and then make the vapor “O” preserving a fair amount of vapor in your throat. Once the “O” is out, quickly exhale the rest of the vapor in a concentrated puff through the “O.” The result should look like a mushroom cloud.

With practice, you will be impressing people with these awesome vaping tricks in no time. You may even be asked how to do them. While sharing is caring, it is up to you whether you want to give up some of the spotlight. Have fun. For additional resources or articles on vaping tricks, check out 7 Awesome Vaping Tricks to Learn Today

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